Burger Garden

When the opportunity to brand, design and build (architecturally) a series of custom burger cafes in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia was presented to Beal Creative, we had to say yes! (we love burgers)

This was a project that included everything from hiring the right architectural firm as a team member to design every aspect of the exterior and interior brand experience. We assembled a team of the most capable players for every stage of strategic implementation and moved forward, starting with a name exploration.

Serving fresh, all-natural gourmet burgers in a relaxed, contemporary space in Riyadh where most ingredients must be shipped in was clearly a category differentiator. We could see ‘fresh’ would be integral to our concept.

The ‘garden’ idea for the name was proving to be useful in communicating the ‘fresh’ aspect of the menu, and easily translated in to Arabic. It also provided rich context for visual development.

Once our exterior and interior architecture plans had final approval, we specified tables, chairs, fixtures and lighting to convey the garden concept. Creating original artwork for posters, iconography, in-store video animation, menu boards, menus, and uniforms—the Burger Garden brand personality was brought to life with every detail. One store soon evolved into a series of five.


  • Identity
  • Signage
  • Interior & Exterior Architecture
  • Interior Design
  • Packaging
  • Menus, Uniforms, Cups, Napkins
  • Interior Graphics
  • Video Animation
  • Exterior & Interior Architecture
  • Furniture Specifications

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